Wednesday, 25 December 2013

1st & 2nd days in Sydney

4th October 2013

When landing, I was unsure of where to go to get my luggage and whether I would have someone waiting for me because 3rd flight was delayed so I landed later than planned. But it was all okay, I did have someone waiting for me so I could be taken to Wake up! where I stayed for just over a week.

I was impressed when I arrived at Wake up! in Sydney because I love colours and it was colourful and funky!

I spent the day exploring locally and in Market City where I found it hard to not to spend too much!! So creative and colourful! Bought few things for home in Belfast, such as fridge magnets. When I go abroad I collect fridge magnets for both my parents and I so our fridges would be full of interesting magnets.

I suffered from land sickness and everywhere were moving, even the grounds! I knew it was because I was on the planes for so long.

I then went back to Wake up! and ended up falling asleep from 4-6pm as I was so tired from broken sleep on the planes. But I was able to sleep again at bed time which was so good! I was pleased to be able to catch up on my sleep! I didn't sleep well at bed time but did get some sleep and felt refreshed and raring to go the next day though! So I was happy about that.

5th October 2013

Woke up realising I've adapted to Australia time zone very well, happy bunny!

Went to Congee Beach, took 372 bus and didn't get lost! Unlike when I was in New York in May 2013!! :)

It was cool but then it became hot and soon it got more hotter that I had to get up and put clothes on so I could go to shops to get a cold drink. Whenever it become unbearable I have to go to somewhere that have shade and get a cold drink so I don't faint as I don't deal with the heat very well yet I still travel to hot places :)

Tried my 1st Frappee and it was yummy!! :)

It soon got cooler and more bearable which was so good.

I then went to get a bus back to Wake up! but stopped by local shops before arriving at Wake up!

I went to the cafe in Wake up! for my dinner, I was so tired I found it hard to keep awake. It wasn't even 8pm! Soon after finishing my dinner, I went up to chill in my room chatting to other travellers.

It was so good sunbathing and chilling at the beach after being stuck on the planes for so long.