Wednesday, 25 December 2013

1st & 2nd days in Sydney

4th October 2013

When landing, I was unsure of where to go to get my luggage and whether I would have someone waiting for me because 3rd flight was delayed so I landed later than planned. But it was all okay, I did have someone waiting for me so I could be taken to Wake up! where I stayed for just over a week.

I was impressed when I arrived at Wake up! in Sydney because I love colours and it was colourful and funky!

I spent the day exploring locally and in Market City where I found it hard to not to spend too much!! So creative and colourful! Bought few things for home in Belfast, such as fridge magnets. When I go abroad I collect fridge magnets for both my parents and I so our fridges would be full of interesting magnets.

I suffered from land sickness and everywhere were moving, even the grounds! I knew it was because I was on the planes for so long.

I then went back to Wake up! and ended up falling asleep from 4-6pm as I was so tired from broken sleep on the planes. But I was able to sleep again at bed time which was so good! I was pleased to be able to catch up on my sleep! I didn't sleep well at bed time but did get some sleep and felt refreshed and raring to go the next day though! So I was happy about that.

5th October 2013

Woke up realising I've adapted to Australia time zone very well, happy bunny!

Went to Congee Beach, took 372 bus and didn't get lost! Unlike when I was in New York in May 2013!! :)

It was cool but then it became hot and soon it got more hotter that I had to get up and put clothes on so I could go to shops to get a cold drink. Whenever it become unbearable I have to go to somewhere that have shade and get a cold drink so I don't faint as I don't deal with the heat very well yet I still travel to hot places :)

Tried my 1st Frappee and it was yummy!! :)

It soon got cooler and more bearable which was so good.

I then went to get a bus back to Wake up! but stopped by local shops before arriving at Wake up!

I went to the cafe in Wake up! for my dinner, I was so tired I found it hard to keep awake. It wasn't even 8pm! Soon after finishing my dinner, I went up to chill in my room chatting to other travellers.

It was so good sunbathing and chilling at the beach after being stuck on the planes for so long.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Flights to Sydney from NI

2nd-24th October 2013 - 3 flights

1st - N.Ireland to Glasgow, Flybe
2nd - Glasgow to Dubai, Emirates
3rd - Dubai to Sydney, Quantas

1st flight was at approx. 7.10pm so I got to the airport 3 hours beforehand and oh boy I was so glad I didn't turn up any later! When I arrived at the check in desk, I got told that the 1st flight was delayed so I would miss 2nd and 3rd flights but they were putting me on early flight! With the help of great Flybe staff, they managed to get me on the plane in time! My heart were beating so fast! I will be forever grateful to them who got me on the plane by taking short cuts and speedy security. I would be gutted if I missed all of the flights to Sydney! When I arrived on the plane, I was red faced and panting! Everyone were looking at me I knew they might have thought that I was late for that flight when I was supposed to be on the later flight! The crew soon leaded me to my seat and gave me a free water bottle which I was very grateful for! We flew off at 4.40pm, 20 mins after arriving at the check in desk!

When I arrived in Glasgow airport, I went to pick up the rest of boarding passes then straight to my gate so I could relax a bit and looked around for nearby shops for food. I checked the screen to see if I had plenty of time to chill and eat, I was relieved to learn that I had enough time to chill until my next flight! I then grabbed some food and went to sit down at my gate, luckily I knew what gate I was supposed to be at before it came up on the screen thanks to the airport staff for helping me :)

Soon it was time to get on the plane to Dubai, I was excited knowing I am getting near to Sydney but didn't look forward to the long flight! I was surprised when I arrived in Emirates plane, I felt I was rich because I never had been on a big plane. They gave all of us eye mask, toothbrush & toothpaste, and plenty of drinks & foods! Pillows and blankets were included too. I watched few movies with english subtitles, happy days! I found it hard to sleep sitting up so I wasn't surprised when I was dying to sleep when I finally arrived in Sydney.

I knew Dubai airport was massive but I was still horrified when I finally arrived at the airport for 3rd flight because it was really massive, more bigger than I thought. I didn't have enough time to relax because I spent the time racing to get to my gate! I checked the screen and knew I was running out of time but I was determined to get there. I knew it would be painful if I had to race to get there but I didn't want to miss my last flight. I had to get a train to get to my gate, I couldn't believe it but I kept positive that I won't be late due to my health issues. I was relieved to find that the train journey didn't take long I soon was at my gate but more security again, luckily there weren't any problems I soon got on my plane. Thanks god! But then I realised the last plane journey would take over 14 hours I was ready to crack up but kept positive and told myself that I will be there soon and I should be grateful that I didn't miss any flights.

The last plane journey wasn't bearable as I had window seat and knew I would get up a lots to move my legs which mean I had to wake the passengers next to me up. I felt really bad but I had to do it. When I arrived at my seat, I couldn't keep my eyes open so I kinda fell asleep but was still aware that the plane wasn't moving yet. An hour later I got bit antsy and asked the passengers next to me what was going on with the plane. It turned out there were a problem with the engine or battery so it need to be fixed. It then got fixed BUT there were another problem again and we had to wait another half hour for someone else to come out to fix it. I was very antsy by then and spent over 16 hours on the last plane journey.

Soon we flew off and I kept nodding off at random times, it wasn't easy because of the plane moving up and down. Think I was sitting near the wheels which didn't help but on the plus the staff kept feeding me I was happy about that! I like Qantas airline, very posh plane and nice staff too! But the bad thing about the airline was that I had to pay for the seat but I didn't! So I ended up with crap seating haha. Lesson learnt!

Arriving at Sydney airport, it was big but very busy! I was supposed to land around 5am but thanks to the problems in the plane we landed at 6.30am it was deadly busy at that time! I didn't leave the airport till after 8am. I had a mini heart attack when someone asked me to go somewhere but it turned out they only wanted to stamp my passport and let me leave. I was so relieved! So I went to find my suitcase but couldn't find it. I had to go to luggage desk to enquire about my suitcase. So some staff helped me and got my case I was happy that it was transferred to each plane then.

I went to find my meeting point for my shuttle bus and saw that it was sunny outside!! :)