Monday, 9 February 2015


September 2014

I stayed in Melbourne for a week before spending the rest of my trip in New Zealand.

I stayed in Green House Backpackers in the city of Melbourne. I loved it there and would be happy to stay there again if I ever return to Melbourne. The staff were lovely and the location was brilliant! Free breakfast daily and dinner on certain days of the week, a bonus! Overall it was great and cheap staying there. I booked my room via but when I turned up there the prices were different but more cheaper! Yay!

I fell ill during my week in Melbourne. I suffered badly from jet lag. I also had painful rash breaking out all over my body. It took me a while to work out what was the cause. When I had more sleep and got my brain working, I started thinking what did I try during that week. I soon realised I was taking a different brand of antihistamines so I stopped taking it and sure enough the rash stopped burning and the pain were getting more bearable. After a week and bit, the rash soon disappeared and I told my doctor I never wanted to take that brand ever again.

I met my friend Carly in the city of Melbourne but we first met online because we have Ichthyosis. Different types though. We found each other via Instagram and then added each other on Facebook. Talked to each other and got to know each other too. I then learnt more about Ichthyosis community on Facebook and developed more knowledges. I also took a part in one of her blog projects for Ichthyosis Awareness Month in May 2014 :)

We walked around a bit looking at some art on the walls (Impressive) before going in a lovely restaurant. Greek food! To die for! I had two courses and made healthy choices :) So tasty!

I love watching Neighbours so of course I would go on Neighbour tour! It was surreal! I didn't realise I was actually there when the bus stopped nearby. Took a minute before I realised I was there :)
Met Ben Nicholas who played Scott John "Stingray" Timmins. He was so nice. Took plenty of photos. Loved the whole tour and it was so hot! Memorable day :)

I love animals so usually I would go to Zoos etc whenever I travel. Went to Melbourne Zoo and saw many awesome animals. Took plenty of photos. Loved the snow leopard, eating away it's meat. My favourite animals are dolphins and orang-utans. The orang-utans were so funny! I took videos of them doing things. They were so cute. Took me a day to explore the zoo but loved my day there.

I walked around Melbourne a lots but wanted to explore more of Melbourne so I took Melbourne Visitor Shuttle instead of Hop On Hop Off bus because it was cheaper. Every little help! :) It was lovely exploring via on foot and bus!

2014 AFL grand final parade was amazing! I loved the community feel and seeing everyone going wild cheering I found myself cheering for them too! Haha

Near the end of my week in Melbourne, I went to Queen Victoria Market to shop around for gifts. I have a weakness for markets abroad! I love unique clothing and gifts but I had to be careful so I don't end up with a heavy bag going to New Zealand!

Last thing, in the photo below will show a stuffed toy attached to my backpack! Heehee bought it at Melbourne Zoo just because it's my favourite animal. Named it Olly, yes I am pathetic :) Olly attracted a lot of attention on the way to Melbourne Airport and in New Zealand!!