Saturday, 20 December 2014

Awesome people I've met....

Had to mention some of awesome people I've met! 
Way too many people to list here, sorry! 
Loved meeting you all though!

Here are some photos of people who have made my trip amazing! Plenty more photos but can't fit them all on this blog. I've added the photos on my Dream Believe Achieve Facebook page though :)

Adam, love him he's so nice and keep updating me via Smartphones. Meant a lot when we had our wee chat and him telling me that he thought i was great especially when I did the Nevis Swing. I was so honoured because I wanted to show people that deaf & disabled people can do anything they want with the right support and encouragement in their lives. Wish you all the best on your dreams!

Jazzy & Aiden + Lauren & Lewis - Loved meeting them but especially Jazzy because we had few things in common and worked with people who has special needs. Soooo nice & had patience with communicating with me! Loved partying with you all, hope I didn't embarrass you all with my crap dancing skills on that 1st night in Queenstown - sure was drunk. So glad to have met you all! :)

JoJo & Kim - Drivers of Kiwi Experience & Stray
I wasn't involved in Stray bus but met Kim in Franz Josef and bumped into her again with her group in Queenstown. Had plenty of fun times with them! Great to party with :)  JoJo, you are forgiven for forgetting to give me my passport back heehee. But honestly, meeting great people on my travels make my life easier and that make me very motivated to carry on with my travelling. As JoJo was one of my Kiwi Experience driver for Auckland to Christchurch she helped making my trip a blast keeping me updated and helping me too. Being profoundly deaf didn't stop me from partying with hearing people. There are always ways to break the communication barrier down! Don't forget that!

Whenever I go travelling, I never meet people from Ireland or Northern Ireland until I arrived in New Zealand! Met awesome Irish lads Phil, James & John & a lovely Irish gal Suzanne! Enjoyed my time with you all and thank you all for communicating with me via Facebook/iPhones during our travels with Kiwi Experience & inviting me out for fun times. Also for videoing my Nevis Swing!

Loving seeing all of your latest travel statuses and photos online,
 keeping me motivated to save up for more travels in the future! 
Wish you all good luck and all the best on your travels :)

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Kiwi Experience

Kia Ora!

I knew I wanted to experience New Zealand but I had limited time and wanted to make the most of my trip there. So I looked up online for travel tips and came across few travel services such as Stray and Kiwi Experience. I looked up online reviews for both of them and checked their websites to see which ones would suit me better. I then contacted STA travel knowing which one I wanted to go with and after talking it over with my agent I knew which one I for sure wanted to go with but wasn't sure which route to take. After talking it over about what I wanted to experience and where I wanted to go it then was booked.

We agreed on Bay of Islands and Sheep Dog bus passes. There's few different bus passes, it depend on where you want to go and what you want to do :)

There's plenty of reasons why I chose Kiwi Experience: Guaranteed 1st night's accommodation at every overnight stop, meet new people at every destination, flexibility (Hop on Hop off), unique stops to see amazing views (And for photos!), and discounts on some activities! And many more!

Kiwi Experience buses:
From Auckland to Bay of Islands to Auckland, my driver was Jarred.
From Auckland to Christchurch, my driver was JoJo.

You can hop on and hop off any time you like and when you are ready to hop on again, just let Kiwi Experience know the dates they will save you a seat. I was pretty lucky!

I loved all places I stayed in but didn't fancy staying in Bay of Islands any more than a night so I went back to Auckland but didn't confirm my dates with Kiwi Experience because I was undecided. So I asked Jarrod if I could get a seat on a certain date for Auckland to South.

When I arrived in Auckland, I went exploring by foot then went to bed early because I had to get up early the next day and wait at the meeting point for Auckland to South bus. I was hoping there were a stand by seat for me.

That was when I met a different driver JoJo who confirmed there was a seat for me, yay!! I then decided to plan the rest of my trip and sorted out how many nights I wanted to stay in each place but I also had to be flexible in case I changed my mind. The bus timetable was tricky to sort out because I wanted to make the most of my trip and at the same time I wanted to be flexible.

On Kiwi Experience buses, we get sheet handouts, we all fill it in then pass it around to everybody. When we all finish filling it in, we hand it back to the driver who then book our accommodation and activities.

There's two main islands in New Zealand which is North & South Island. To get between each island you need to travel via a ferry. The ticket isn't included in the bus pass but you can let your driver know and they will help you book it with a great deal year around.

I stayed in both North Island and South Island. Listed below are the places where I stayed :)

North Island:
Paihia - Bay of Islands, Auckland, Hot Water Beach, Waitomo, Rotorua, Taupo, River Valley, Wellington

South Island:
Kaiteriteri, Westport, Franz Josef, Wanaka, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo, Christchurch

A huge thanks to Kiwi Experience drivers and everyone I met 
because they made my trip amazing!