Thursday, 13 March 2014

Back to Bangkok

4th Feb the day I left Koh Phangan and went back to Bangkok for few days. More long travelling again, how the earth do I have a lot of patience. But you will realize why if you ever travel in Thailand. Arrived at the ferry port and bumped into 2 friends. We all realized we were taking same flight so we travelled together to the airport and to Bangkok. Boat, car, ferry, coach, plane, taxi all in order – a lot of trips to get to Bangkok!! J

We stayed at same place where we spent our first few days in Bangkok few weeks ago. My foot were hurting so much so we went to a chemist to get painkillers then went to our rooms to get ready for going out again. I was so knackered but didn’t want to have an early night I wanted to go out and have fun knowing I was going home to Northern Ireland few days later. We all met up downstairs and went to a restaurant nearby for our dinner and few cocktails. I am not an alcoholic, promise! J Got in touch with someone else who invited us out for partying. So after our dinner, we went out to find some bar to meet friends and new travellers. Many laughs and had a great time as usual!

The next day, 5th Feb, I slept in for a bit and took more painkillers. Then in the afternoon, it was so hot, I went to get food and markets to get presents. Then back to my room to pack L It was so hard packing and got my clothes ready for the flight the next morning. Got my hoody and coat out of my rucksack knowing Northern Ireland was so cold.

6th Feb, up before 4am for my flight at 9am as the journey takes an hour to get to the airport but ended up at the airport way too early because the taxi driver was speeding! Cheers!

Will never forget my trip to Thailand, even though I was in a lot of pain and was so tired many times but it was amazing!! Many unique experiences, brilliant new friends and overcame some fears!

Of course I wasn't happy being in Northern Ireland again as it was so cold when I finally landed!

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