Sunday, 2 March 2014

Khao Sok

23rd Jan
We arrived at somewhere for breakfast and to refresh up, it was about 7am but there were plenty of people around which has surprised me because it’s different from my home town. It was also warm at that time, a bliss!!
Then we had a long bus journey to Khao Sok National Park, then a trip via a long tail boat. We stopped by at some caves but I didn’t go far in the caves I ended up going in for a bit then came out with some friends whilst others carried on. Once we were finished, we started our journey again to the park and the views were absolutely beautiful. Saw gorgeous floating raft houses, I soon realized we were getting there and was going to stay in these raft houses. It was scary getting to getting to my room at one of the raft houses as it was on the lake and I don’t like being so close to water. It was a cool experience though. 
Later on that night, we went on a night safari and played card games. The electric didn’t come on till 6.30pm and stayed on till 11pm and there were limited sockets to charge our mobiles! But it was peaceful and perfect for a bit. We had to use torches and our mobiles to get to our rooms! To my surprise, I ended up sleeping for few hours straight so I was a happy bunny even though I could do with few more hours.
24th Jan
We went on a day safari via a long tail boat and saw some monkeys in the national park. Then we went back to the raft houses and spent the morning doing whatever we wanted. Some went swimming, some sunbathed and the rest of them went kayaking. I sunbathed, of course! J
Then we got our stuff and went to a hotel at lovely resort nearby. We left about 11am and didn’t get there till many hours later. But we had fun on the way to the hotel as we stopped by Monkey Temple – funny time!! Saw monkeys chasing other monkeys, chilling in the sun and having sex!! Took many photos and had some taken with them too. There were a cute puppy there too, too tiny!! J
When we arrived at the lovely resort, we unpacked our stuff. Some of us went to see elephants. Fed them bananas and stroked them. Amazing experience!
Then back to the hotel, we had some dinner and hit some bar nearby. But then some of us decided to go back to the resort and stopped by some shop for booze. The rest of them stayed behind at some bar. Then some of us played card games whilst drinking booze. I soon felt tired and when we were finished with card games, I went back to my room and crashed for the night.

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