Thursday, 13 March 2014

Koh Phangan

27th Jan
All day we were travelling to Koh Phangan from Koh Phi Phi. 3 boat trips, and a bus trip! Once again, I enjoyed the views along the way J Eventually we arrived at the resort in Koh Phangan in the evening. The resort was gorgeous! Stayed at Bottle Beach Resort. We hit our rooms and got ready for dinner. Chatted for a bit then I crashed in my room, as I was too tired from the travelling.
28th Jan
Spent the morning walking around the resort checking out the beach and views. It was paradise! I then chilled by the pool writing about Thailand. I was running out of clean clothes so I sent my washing to the staff – cheap! J I didn’t want to over pack as I knew I could wash my clothes or send them to someone. After a long day of travelling to Koh Phangan I decided it was wise to sunbath and chill for a bit knowing we had plans later on.
We went in long tail boat to somewhere where there was a Wind Up activity (Like the TV programme Wind Up) Of course I didn’t take up seeing it was in the lake! I watched some friends taking part and took photos. It was a good craic.

Then afterwards we went for dinner and a bar crawl then ended up on the beach for more partying! I got tipsy and mentioned to some girlies that I wanted more piercings so they encouraged me to get one that night. I ended up with a belly piercing – no regrets haha! I was worried about boat trip to our island because I didn’t want to fall in the sea seeing it was dark and all of us were drinking. I was so relived to learn that we would take a car journey back to the island but it meant the trip would be longer than a boat trip. We eventually got back to our rooms around 2am but the journey wasn’t simple! To me, I felt it was so rough and I sat in the back of the car (In the air!) Think it was about 11 of us squashed in the back of the car whilst the other about 4 were inside the car – lucky buggers! I had to hold the car so I couldn’t fall off – interesting experience! 
29th Jan the day we all did our own thing, relaxing and playing footy on the beach etc. I sunbathed – sound like I am a sun worshipper!! Most of the time I sunbath under the shade so I can stay safe but the sun is good for my skin in some way even though it carry a risk of getting skin cancer – so be careful! I always use sun cream of 15+ or 30+ depending where I am on my travels.

That night we all had a final dinner as everyone were leaving Koh Phangan the next day to go somewhere else or home. I decided to spend another week here so relax as I hurt my foot and found it impossible to walk! We chatted, ate and took photos. Said our goodbyes etc. Sad moment!

30th Jan More goodbyes to more friends then spent the rest of the day surfing the internet, sunbathing and reading a book. Then suddenly it rained on me in the late afternoon!! I was on the sun bed on the beach minding my own business, in my bikini!! Haha then suddenly everyone and I got up and ran to our rooms. I of course took my time to walk to my room. I got soaked but the rain only lasted for few minutes, thankfully!

I took my time getting a shower, sorting my hair out and got dressed for dinner in the evening. Staff there were so nice, making me smile and laugh giving me attention as they knew my friends had just left Koh Phangan.

31st Jan – 3rd Feb I spent these days chilling by the pool or on the beach, eating much yummy food and reading books. I am a nerd! ;) Should invest in a Kindle really, to save space in my rucksack.

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