Thursday, 13 March 2014

Koh Phi Phi

25th Jan 
The day when we went to Koh Phi Phi! It was a long journey, a lot of travelling when in Thailand! Beautiful views though! We got on a ferry to Koh Phi Phi, man the heat when on the ferry was unbearable! We sat on the ground and the sun was blazing, I was dying of the heat due to my rare condition. I had to move around and sat somewhere where there were winds from the sea. That was a bliss, but there were a load of people on the ground, it was hard to walk about and not to fall over! Yes, Koh Phi Phi is popular! I can see why though. I love it there and would be happy to go back there again.

Eventually we arrived on the island; I was struggling with my rucksack, as I wanted to sit down and to cool down. There were a lot of steps up to our bungalows and the heat didn’t help. I had help from my friends, thank you to who helped me! J Once I arrived in my room with my roommate, I decided that the room was too hot for me and I upgraded to a room with air con. I eventually cooled down in my new upgraded room. Everyone went to the bar pool but I stayed in my room to rest so I had enough energy for the beach party later on.

When the evening came, we all went out for a meal and a bar crawl then ended up on the beach for partying! It was awesome watching fireworks going off, and fire shows, which was brilliant and funny for some reason. You just had to be there J It was a brilliant night!

26th Jan
We all did our own thing in the morning. I sunbathed and chilled by the bar pool and wrote about Thailand. Some others were nursing their hangovers, I am sure! As usual, I didn’t get a hangover, rarely thankfully!

In the afternoon, we all went on a boat tour and saw many islands & beaches. The sea was lovely and it wasn’t cold unlike the sea in my hometown! I even went in the sea, but had a life jacket on, as I dislike the sea. I soon wanted to get back in the boat, I wasn’t that confident being in the sea haha. We went to Maya Bay, where ‘The Beach’ was filmed J When we got back to the boat after looking around Maya Bay I fell in the sea and ended up shivering all the way back to Koh Phi Phi as I had my towel around me when I fell in the sea haha. The boat went fastish so I wasn’t surprised I ended up shivering J Saw the sunset going down then back to the island to get ready for the evening. The boat tour was beauty!

We all went back to our rooms, but saw a lot of beautiful kittens on the way back, to get showers. Then we all met up for dinner and had Mexican meal. Of course there were booze! Afterwards some of us went on a bar crawl but some of us and I were tired so we went back to our rooms. Started packing and had an early night – after 12am! J

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