Sunday, 2 March 2014


I flew to Thailand from Northern Ireland on 18th January 14 and came home on 6th February 14. I flew with Flybe and Jet Airways - it was a long journey with crap seats.

19th Jan
Landed in the evening and went to look for a big sign with my name on it for my transport to the hotel. When I eventually found the sign, I got told that we had to wait for two more people – Scot & Amy J
Then we all went for our cab ride to the hotel, it was approx. an hour ride. Wild drivers everywhere, it made me laugh for some reason. 
Once we arrived and checked in, we went to our rooms. I shared a room with a girl from Canada, Lindsay. Went out with her for some Thai food and beer - yummy! I didn’t sleep well that night due to jet lag. It was warm so the air con was on all night.
20th Jan
I stayed locally to explore markets, a lot of markets nearby, it was full of unique clothes and stuff. I entered one shop and suddenly a guy there asked me if I was deaf. I nodded ‘yeah’ so the guy told someone else to come over and it turned out that person was deaf. It was cool to have met a Thai deaf guy. I then went to more shops locally to get presents for my family.
In the evening, I went out with Lindsay to meet new friends, who were also on Ultimate Thailand tour for 10 days. We all had dinner and enjoyed getting to know each other. We also went on a bar crawl afterwards. The booze were so strong, I ended up getting drunk haha. The night was a bundle of laughs getting to know everyone whilst drinking. Watched Thai guys ‘twerking’ and dancing. It was so funny. We were all pleased when we got given free wifi in one of the bars, we all went on Facebook to upload photos and update statuses etc. It was a great day and night! 
21st Jan
The day I felt so ill!! It was a bad combination of terrible hangover, heat and surviving on short sleep due to jet lag! Some of us went on a river cruise and enjoyed a temple tour. It was interesting but I struggled with the heat and the smells of fresh fishes on some markets, gross! It was so cool seeing floating markets but I kept looking on the ground to make sure I didn’t fall over as I was close to the river!! I hate lakes, rivers and seas haha. Soon it was the afternoon and I decided I couldn’t keep up so I went back to the hotel in a hot pink cab! It was so cheap, it only cost me 40 Baht, approx. under a quid.
I had a nap, it helped, thanks god for the air con. I threw up that morning, I still had no idea why, I think it was either Thai food or sweet cocktails haha.
In the evening, we all went out for dinner and a bar crawl again but I stayed sober drinking a lot of juices & water – bottles of water as it’s not safe to drink tap water in Thailand. Some friends and I decided we couldn’t stay any longer so we got back to the hotel about 1am but we stopped by somewhere to get food first. I then ended up falling asleep as soon as I hit the pillow!

Woke up not happy as I didn’t have a good sleep again, I hate jetlag but travelling is worth it. Roommate and I packed then checked out at 11.30am. We waited for some friends then went out for lunch on the same street as our hotel. Afterwards, we hit markets to get some stuff. We were getting picked up at 4pm, to be taken to the train station for our overnight train. But we had plenty of time so we chilled outside our hotel and enjoyed few drinks. Chatted away and surfed the internet – free wifi! Soon it was time to go to the train station. We had plenty of times as our train was at 6.30pm so we went to get some food and chatted sitting on the grounds. There weren’t enough seats in the train station even though the train station was massive.
It was weird to be in the train with beds, it wasn’t comfy but good enough. It was a unique experience and different from overnight coach in Australia as I had to sleep on the seat. I was horrified to learn that there were squats toilets on the train! I ended up falling on the floor as the floor was wet, sure enough I didn’t want to try again. But I did, later on. It wasn’t cool as the train was rocking and it was so dark! I ended up having ten minutes of sleep that night. I was so tired the next day!!

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