Friday, 21 February 2014

1st Sunday in Sydney

Time zones are so confusing! Harsh on my body! But it's worth it when you are out exploring new countries! Experience new things! Overcome your fears!

On the 1st Sunday, 6th Oct, I learnt that an hour went forward I had to adjust a bit again to the time zone. I kept getting confused, fun times! Haha

There was a party in my dorm room last night and the party didn't end till 5am so I slept in a bit and got up later than usual. I decided to go to Coogee Beach again and it was too hot I felt like I was dying of the heat but I eventually cooled down. It was a perfect way to chill and relax as I knew the week ahead was going to be busy full of fun times.

When I got back to Eddy Avenue from the beach, I decided to check out the shops near the station on the way to the hostel. I soon fell in love with shops especially one shop that sells plenty of colourful and funky clothes! I wanted to get clothes there but decided to wait a bit knowing I can go back there near my home time and see how much I had left in my budget :)

I went out for dinner and went in a Chinese restaurant - yes I am happy to eat out on my own I am independent lady!! Chinese food is so different there from home, I was expecting to see sweet & sour chicken in batter and blah haha but it was so fresh and no batter included. A lot of vegetables but yummy!

After my dinner, I went back to Wake up! Some people know I love fitness so I bought resident bands to work out when in Australia. I was getting ready and saw some guys in my dorm room getting ready to work out. I was amused, I get amused easily, and watched them working out. I was impressed because they were determined to work out - you don't always need a gym to be able to work out - I loved it! So I gave one of them some tips and the look on their faces were class so they thanked me. I carried on watching them to make sure their form were correct haha, they didn't mind anyway.

Then they left to go out, I decided it was perfect time to work out on my own as everyone else were out too. That weekend I was in a dorm room of ten. Brilliant way to meet other travellers! :)

What a lovely weekend chilling on the beach and exploring local areas getting to know how to use buses etc before starting my hectic week! :)

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