Friday, 21 February 2014

Beach Walk Sydney, Bar Crawl & Market City

12th-14th Oct

Last weekend in Sydney! Hangover free! As usual :)

Met others at Ultimate Oz Office for a guided beach walk which took over 4 hours. It was beautiful but hard work in the heat. Saw lovely views.
Stopped at Bonte Park/Beach for some rest (sunbathing!) and lunch. Yummy!

Others carried on with the walk after late lunch but I wanted to chill at Bronte Park for a bit as I was a bit sore and didn't want to make the pain worse for the bar crawl later on.

Once I got the bus back to Wake up! I had a rest in my room for a bit and had some dinner, then I got dressed up for the bar crawl in Sydney.

It was a great experience being on a party bus in Oz everyone went wild dancing on the bus. It was funny to watch, laughed my head off. Had many free drinks which was great but then I got tipsy as usual.
Eventually we went to Side Bar near Wake up! Had a drink then grabbed food with some friends. I tried my 1st chilli dog, gawd it was so yummy!

The next morning I slept in for a bit and chilled in my bed.

I knew I had to get up so I got up and hit the shops at Market City nearby - I so love that place!! I bought few lovely gifts and stuff :)

That day, it was so hot I wanted to hit the beach but had to wait till it cool down a bit because I knew there weren't much shade at the beach. Eventually I went to Coogee Beach and went there by bus. I knew my way around by now :) I kept splashing water all over my face to cool down. I couldn't go on the beach as it was too hot so I sunbathed on the grass nearby like a lot of people, as there were plenty of trees for shade! I stayed there for few hours and got back to Wake Up in the evening.

I started packing my luggage and got my clothes ready for the next day as I was heading to Brisbane the next evening by Greyhound coach (Overnight)

14th Oct the day I left Sydney for Brisbane! I double checked my luggages and panicked when I realised I lost my hearing aid. I was late for checking out but Wake Up staff were great and told me to take my time. Major panic! I needed my hearing aid and didn't like the idea of losing it in Oz. I always leave it beside me on my bed but eventually found it in my luggage, it must have fallen in from the bed.

Spent all day writing my travel journal, making plans for Brisbane and eating a lot of food. I then went to the station to catch my overnight coach to Brisbane. Very weird experience!! I had dinner beforehand so I felt so ill on the coach journey as it was so rough.

Sure enough I had broken sleep that night but interesting experience?! It wasn't that bad really :)

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