Friday, 28 February 2014

Fitness First, Shopping & South Bank

As I am a member of Fitness First in my home town, and was getting antsy not exercising in my gym so I checked out Fitness First gyms location online and found one in Brisbane City so thought to head the city. I walked around the city checking out the area and found the gym. I went in and told the staff that I was already a member but in my home town. They let me in for free so I was happy and went to the changing room. It was different from my home town, it took me a bit to work out the lockers! :) Also some fitness machines were different so I have wasted a bit time walking around and trying to work out how to use them haha. One personal trainer took pity in me and showed me how to use some of them, how cringing! I soon had a blast working out and was pleased to find a vending machine for protein snacks and shakes!!

I then decided to hit shops afterwards but was horrified when it rained down on me!! It was warm so didn't wear a waterproof coat, ooppss! :) I explored Queen Street Mall but I wasn't impressed with it I soon left it and explored the small shops. So far on my travels, I have found I prefer small independent shops to big shopping malls. I then got unique gifts and headed back to the hostel. I chilled a bit up on the roof eating food and enjoying the views. What a bliss!

The next day, it was sunny and warm. I decided to rent a bike, it was bright green - perfect! I wanted to explore South Bank by bike and decided it was the perfect day for that. As soon as I arrived in South Bank, I fell in love with everything there. I rode my bike on a path for bikers, along Brisbane River and locked it up beside the only man made beach in Brisbane and hit the markets nearby. As usual I got few unique stuff. I love markets, there are always unique clothing, stuff and gifts! Also, it's a great way to support local people :) I then went back to the beach and sunbathed there. It was so lovely! I then rode back to the hostel, got some food and went to bed happy!

I was so tired the next day, and in pain so I decided to stay in the hostel to rest but was up on the roof almost all day chilling and sunbathing. Of course, having food and took a dip in the pool. It was a perfect way to rest my poor feet. Then in late afternoon, it got colder so I went up to TV room and watched TV/movies with other travellers and got back to my room after that. Another perfect day!

I loved exploring via riding a bike so the next day I rented a bike again but this time it was orange my favourite colour! I again went to South Bank to sunbath, chill and ate out. More riding around South Bank, it was a beautiful day exploring and sunbathing. At some point, I stopped and sat beside Brisbane River, having a bit of thinking. I soon got sad when I realised it was my last day in South Bank as I knew I would spend the next few days packing and getting ready to go to Sydney for flights back home. Just perfect area, to sit around to do some thinking or writing! I then took my time riding back to the hostel :)

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