Friday, 21 February 2014

Sand-boarding, BBQ & Dolphin Cruise

The night before, I was horrified to learn that the breakfast was at 6.30-7.30am because we all went to bed late after leaving the beach at 1am. But I did wake up before my alarm went off so I was okay with having breakfast early.

We left BaseCamp at 8am to explore the sand dunes by 4WD, it was wicked! It was very dry and hot! Then after that, we went sand-boarding. I would love to do it again but it was a hassle getting up the sand as it was very soft so a huge thanks to the leaders Shell & Mark who helped me. I wasn't the only one who felt it was a hassle getting up the sand to do sand-boarding again. But I would do it again!

We went to the beach afterwards and had some photos taken. The view was beautiful!

Then we all went back to BaseCamp to get ready for guided bush walk through Tomaree National Park. I didn't go on the walk as I was so warm and knew I would struggle on the walk as the leaders told me it included uphills etc. So I stayed behind. Mark sorted out wifi for me so I had something to do.

When they left, I went to find Josie to take more photos then uploaded them to Facebook. I love Josie :)

My group soon arrived back at BaseCamp, I was surprised because I killed time so fast.

Then we all had yummy lunch and everyone decided to go to the beach afterwards but I wanted to stay behind and sunbathe at BaseCamp knowing I can head to my room anytime if the heat got too much for me. Sure enough the heat did get a bit much for me so I went back to my room to cool down but I couldn't cool down till hours later, thanks to my rare condition. My room had a fan, I'm thankful for that!

Some girlies soon came in our room to let me know that BBQ dinner was ready so I got ready and joined them. It was gorgeous! Very filling!

All evening, I was walking around to my group and joined in all the fun with games and chats. Some of us had early night, I decided to have early night too, before 12am as I was too tired from the heat and fun! :) I had great sleep but I reacted to the bed clothes so I put my towel on the bed and slept on it.

11th Oct - The day of the Dolphin Cruise, so beautiful! Chilly on the sea! Warm on the land! Took photos of the dolphins and enjoyed the views.
Then when we got back on the land, we went to fish & chip shop I was shocked to see the menu full of fishes unlike back home which include chicken burger & battered sausages etc. SO I only ordered chips, got given a massive portion! We had plenty of time till our coach arrive so we went to shops nearby. A lot of gorgeous colourful stuff, you can see I love colours! :)

Then a long journey back to Sydney once again, I relaxed and enjoyed the views again :)

Got ready and had dinner at Wake Up! Cafe before joining the others downstairs at Side Bar. I got drunk too fast, haha so I had to go up to my room and had some more food before drinking again. By 12am I was drunk and knackered, others wanted to move on to another bar but I didn't want to join them so I drank a lots of water to avoid hangovers and went to bed. Good times :)

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