Friday, 21 February 2014

The start of Ultimate Oz

I decided to go with a tour company to start off my trip in Australia and knew it was one of great way to meet other travellers. I checked around online and found Ultimate Oz. I am glad I've picked them because of them, I knew I want to go back to Australia again and I learnt a lot.

7th Oct - the week of Ultimate Oz!!
We met at Wake up! reception at 11.30am. The leaders Shell & Mark went through their list and called out our names. Mark walked around, I stopped him and let him know that I am deaf so won't be able to hear him calling out my name then I let him know that I am Kelly and here! :) I had my hearing aid with me during my Australia trip but the background noises were too much for me to hear everything clearly so I needed Mark's help. A big help!

Then we all walked to Ultimate Oz office, the leaders went through everything and explained our plans for the week. Mark then told everyone my name, that I am deaf and I could lip read so everyone were aware to face me if they wanted to talk to me. Pretty soon everyone were looking at me, thanks Mark! :) But it was useful so they know to not to talk away from my face as I need to be able to face people to understand them.

Then we all went on city walking tour which took like 5+ hours but included lunch in Darling Harbour.  Mark was great to me, coming up to me explaining things and making sure I could lip-read him. The tour was beautiful but it got painful to walk at the end of the tour. At the end of the tour, I didn't want to walk back so I took a bus back to Wake Up! With Shell one of the leaders, gotta love her. So helpful!

I then went to my room to rest and took painkillers because I knew we all were going to meet again at 7.30pm at the reception for dinner and drinks I wanted to join so I had to rest before that. Dinner and drinks took place at Side Bar downstairs, great location! Yummy dinner and it was great getting to know everyone. We all had one free dink too. Typical of me, I didn't always drink booze :)

The next morning, it was travel & work planning morning, perfect for people who had work holiday visa I didn't have that visa but wanted to join in to learn because one day I want to have a work holiday visa for Australia one day. The morning was so interesting and gave me ideas for the future travels and possible more travels in Oz.

After it was done, we all walked to Darling Harbour (I love that area!) But my group were too far away for me to catch up and traffic lights were too quick I had to stop for the cars going past. I knew they were going to some shop to buy booze and food before the cruise starting at Darling Harbour. I had a map with me and arrived in Darling Harbour before everyone. Once they arrived, we all got on the boat for Sydney Harbour Cruise. Sometime it was chilly on the sea but other times it was warm. There were booze, photos, BBQ and music. Great times!!

When it was time to go back to Darling Harbour, some of us took a long route back to Wake Up! It was a great way to check out shops on the way and check out what is available.

Early night for me and also I packed again for BaseCamp sorting out my small backpack and big luggage as we had to leave our big luggage behind at Ultimate Oz office and bring our small backpack to BaseCamp.

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