Friday, 21 February 2014

Ultimate Oz BaseCamp

The day where we all began our amazing few days at BaseCamp filled with fun actitives, amazing experiences and partying.

We were supposed to meet at Ultimate Oz office in the afternoon so I spent the morning checking out of Wake Up! And walking around checking out the areas. Had summit to eat then I walked back to Wake Up! To meet some friends in my group and hung out till it was time to leave to meet the rest of the group.

We all left our main luggage at the office and walked to central station for our bus to BaseCamp in Port Stephens. The journey took approx 3+ hours but saw some great views along the way. Chatted to the leaders and listened to music whilst some of them slept during the journey.

When we eventually arrived, we all had the option of staying in big tents and cabins. I stayed in one of the cabins with some girls.

Josie the kangaroo live at BaseCamp so I kept my eye on her jumping around, took photos of her :) Stroked her, her fur is so soft!

For dinner, we all had loads of yummy pizza & plenty of booze. I tried my 1st Australian lager (Thanks to Mark) mixed with sprite. I got tipsy quickly as I don't drink booze very often so I didn't drink any more lager. I stuck to sprite and water after that.

In the evening, some of us played hilarious drinking games, later on in the evening we all went to the beach in the dark!! Fun times! :) We stayed there till about 1am. It got chilly for me and everyone tried to keep me warm, ah bless them! It was a great night listening to music, having a laugh and taking plenty of photos. Some of them swam in the cold sea.

There were toilets nearby but it was so dark and there weren't any light in the toilets I had to use my iPhone for the torch. I ended up crapping myself when I suddenly heard a strange noise I soon got out of there very fast! I was so spooked haha and yes I had my hearing aid on!

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